Disney Workers Share Hopeful Messages on Social Media During Park Closures

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Some Walt Disney World employees are taking to social media to show their love for the company while the parks are closed amidst coronavirus concerns.   

Earlier this week, Disney announced they’ll begin furloughing workers this month because of the pandemic.

Trent Baker has worked for the Walt Disney Company for over two decades.

“Disney has been amazing to me. I cannot complain, nor will I complain after this once we get to go back to work,” Baker said.

He misses day-to-day interactions with his coworkers and guests in his role in special activities and marketing since the park closed temporarily in March because of coronavirus concerns.

Baker is one of many Disney employees sharing hope online with the hashtags #WeWillBeBackBetterThanEver and #ThankYouWDC.

He said it’s all about connecting with each other and sharing a common joy.

“We want to kind of stay in touch. We’re looking forward to going back to work and doing what we do,” Baker said.

He’s optimistic after Disney announced furloughs at various levels beginning April 19.

“If we get furloughed, we get furloughed. If we don’t, and some miracle happens, and this crazy virus goes away, you’ll hear a huge applause all around Orlando,” Baker said.

He’s hoping everyone will take away something positive from this difficult time.

“If people treat each other better, and actually really appreciate what they have, that would be a good thing that comes out of this,” Baker said.

Unite Here Central Florida shared with Spectrum News that union leaders are continuing negotiations this weekend with Disney following the proposed furloughs.

We’ll let you know when they reach an agreement for union members with Disney.​

Source: MyNews13