FEMA housing program for Hurricane Maria victims comes to an end

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KISSIMMEE, Fla. — The Transitional Sheltering Assistance program by the Federal Emergency Management Agency meant to help Hurricane Maria victims from Puerto Rico with temporary housing has come to an end.
Temporary housing program ends
Families must find new homes
Many are left with limited options
While FEMA has granted extensions in the past, that was not the case this time.
Guillermo Rivera walked away from the Holiday Inn Express in Orlando for the last time Saturday afternoon. He has called that hotel his home for a little more than 6 months. In Spanish he told News 13, “Hurricane Maria affected us in everything… From the clothes of the baby, the cradle, our beds.”
News 13 has brought you some of the stories of the thousands who fled to Central Florida after Hurricane Maria.
Throughout the past 9 months, News 13 has interviewed so many folks just like Guillermo. We’ve shared their stories of suffering and hardship.
For example– the Holiday Inn Express went from housing 50 families initially and in the end 15.
The employees at the Holiday Inn said that because they would see these survivors at the front desk and other common areas daily, these folks turned into family.
The last 15 families that were still at the Holiday Inn Express must find a new place to call home.
However hundreds are still left with limited options, just like Rivera who needs to find permanent housing. “I am a little concerned… Even though I have somewhere to stay temporarily… I am still worried cause I don’t know what the future holds,” Rivera added.
Sunday is the last day for hurricane Maria survivors to return to Puerto Rico using FEMA’s coverage. They can call 1-800-372-1705 to book a flight back to the island.
Source: MyNews13