Disney World: Pirates of the Caribbean reopens with new auction scene


Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World has reopened and features a new auction scene.Pirates of the Caribbean has new auction sceneRedhead animatronic is now a pirate named ReddThe bride auction scene has been removedThe popular Magic Kingdom attraction was closed for several weeks while changes were made.The classic “bride auction” scene has been removed.In the new scene, the pirate auctioneer oversees the sale of the townspeople’s good. And the familiar redhead animatronic is now a pirate named Redd.Redd—who now totes a rifle—has been given a few lines to say, unlike her predecessor.“Hey, send them hens to Davy Jones,” she says. “It’s the rum they want. Drink up me hearties. Yo ho!”Another change to the ride include the removal of props from the beach scene. The mermaid skeleton and chalice case are now longer on the beach. The props referenced the fourth film in the franchise, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.”The attraction debuted in Florida, along with the classic scene, in 1973. Since then, the ride has undergone several changes including the addition of an animatronic Jack Sparrow.A similar auction scene was added to the attraction at Disneyland Paris in 2017.Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland in California will undergo a similar renovation later this spring.Watch the new scene below: Pirates of the Caribbean has reopened at Disney World and features a new auction scene. The redhead has joined the pirate ranks. What do you think of her new role? (📷: @AshleyLCarter1) pic.twitter.com/phHhT7LGFd— News 13 (@MyNews13) March 19, 2018CHECK OUT ATTRACTIONS INSIDER: Your all-in-one source for news, pictures and video from Florida’s theme parks. Just go to our Attractions Insider page. Sign up to get breaking theme park news alerts and subscribe to our newsletter, Theme Park Roundup, delivered to your inbox or mobile phone.
Source: MyNews13