Volunteers on their way to help Flagler hurricane victims


Six months later, some people are still dealing with damage from Hurricane Irma. Now some more help is on the way.Volunteer services getting help for hurricane survivors50 students from Delaware coming to helpWant to help? Call 386-597-2950″It was all you people who saved this,” said Bill Egan, a Hurricane Irma victim.On Friday, Egan was surrounded by people who started the work after Hurricane Irma flooded his home.”It means that it’s a continuation of the people that have been helping week after week ever. Since the storm it hasn’t stopped,” Egan said.Egan’s house is in better shape than when volunteers filled his home six months ago, when he was in tears after losing so many of his things.”FEMA just ended everybody’s hotel stays,” Egan said.He just moved back in, but he said there’s still a lot of work to be done. Egan’s home was gutted because of mold and the floors are being replaced. His house in need of paint and yard is desperate for sprucing.”There’s painting and hanging curtain rods and stuff like that that volunteers could help with,” Egan said.Now Flagler volunteer services is teaming up with a disaster organization, who is bringing 50 college students from Delaware to the rescue.”There are many Mr. Egans out there, and there are  people who just really have to rebuild from the ground up, and then there are people who just need that little bit of extra help to get them back to pre-hurricane,” said Judy Mazzella, volunteer coordinator at Flagler Volunteer Services.With all of the volunteers coming in, Mazzella said they’ll still need monetary donations and painting supplies and yard materials to get the job done.”Anything that they can do is a big help because everybody needs help here, and if you go door to door, you’ll find a lot of homes that are empty,” Egan said.But he said his heart is full and grateful for all the work volunteers have put in so far, and now he can’t wait for another round to help finish the job.”I’m just so grateful to all the people that have volunteered their help, and the same can be said from all of our neighbors,” Egan said.The volunteers will be in the area for four days the last week of this month.If you need help or know someone who does, or would like to donate, call the Fisher Volunteer Services office at 386-597-2950.
Source: MyNews13